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I worked on redesigning the logo and proposed a new brand image, divided into three parts: Safran Selection – Safran Collection – Safran Collection Privée.

I also organised a photo shoot and worked on photo editing for each product in the catalogues and on the website in collaboration with the photographer Stéphane Riviere.

1. Creation of two catalogues: SAFRAN SELECTION and SAFRAN COLLECTION

in collaboration with the agency PEPTINE.


The SAFRAN SELECTION catalogue boasts 400 pages offering a range of products from a panel of over 300 factories and selects the best tableware from major brands such as: Bernardaud, Baccarat, OA 1710, Guy Degrenne, ShÖnwald, Tafelstern, Broggi, Ercuis, Raynaud, Revol, Peugeot, Montgolfier,…

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Catalogue Selection


The SAFRAN COLLECTION catalogue presents product ranges created by SAFRAN in order to cater for the needs of the hotel industry today.

2. Creation of a dynamic website presenting our collections.

3. Creation of a range of tableware products.

• Presented roughs with new ideas for the new ‘Évolution’ range.

• Created 3D models in 3D RHINO and prepared plans for production.

• Developed the concept for the Safran stand for EQUIP HOTEL providing customer engagement of luxury products. The products were created in collaboration with the Director of SAFRAN were a commercial success and were sold to several luxury hotels and restaurants all over the world.

4. Creation of advertising campaign, catalogues, stationery design increasing the brand image.