Creation of a new concept for a literary restaurant


Date: 2011

Type: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Concept, Branding, Creativity, Print, Digital


Project description

My project encompasses the creation of an entire new concept for the corporate identity of a literary restaurant. The restaurant is meant to be a meeting place for individuals who are passionate about literature and it is located at 5 Avenue des Gentilshommes, Nantes (France). Not being right in the city centre, it is to target the literati rather than a local clientele. The advertising campaign for the restaurant will target different cultural places (Book Fairs, bookshops, libraries…), and will appear in literary magazines, books (as a bookmark) as well as the Internet. Literature and Gastronomy are associated with subtlety and sobriety. Therefore, the menu offers dishes with literary associations such as Proust’s famous madeleine as a dessert, each accompanied by excerpts from the relevant books.

Technical Characteristics of the new logo

The logo 5 Avenue des Gentilshommes has been created with a layout grid. The two keywords in it are “intersection” and  “apposition”.  The intersection between the fork and the number 5 represents the meeting between Gastronomy and Literature. Hence, the fork representing the former is affixed to the number 5 representing the latter.  The idea of apposition recalls the crossing of knife and fork signalling a moment of pause in the middle of a meal to give a way to the reading of the literary excerpts on the Menu, an additional pleasure for literary people.