Freelance project: Creation of the entire Étap Santé Group corporate identity


Étap Santé Prévention is a training and prevention organisation dealing with in ergonomics. The group consists of Gilles Benoist and Alexis Baumes, qualified physiotherapists, manual therapists, ergonomists and preventive medicine specialists. They practise in the Saint-Maur-des-Fossées area in France. The company started with one area expertise and then decided to create a group. Their advice to clients be about posture and movement. For instance, in the case of a patient who does physical work they will propose some heating technique to not hurt themselves. Their intervention contributes to an improvement noticeable both day by day and in the long term. Their objective is to find solutions to improve life and health at work in order to limit :

  • Accidents due to tripping, falling over or slipping
  • Work-related accidents
  • Occupational diseases

Their goal is to raise awareness of the physical, intellectual or psychosocial demands caused by professional practice.



Date: 2013

Type: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Print, Web Design

Collaborators: Pauline Morand, Audrey Bonrepaux


  • Establishment of a brief with the client (values, target audience, goals,…)
  • “Presentation des axes de reflexion sous forme de moodboards”
  • Proposals for a new logo to the client
  • “Validation du choix de logotype avec ses déclinaisons”
  • Establishment of the brand guideline book
  • Creation with a team of different “supports de communication” (website, brochure, business cards, badges, letterheads, etc).


A logo and a color are attributed to each area of work of the Étap Santé group. The existing red color in the previous corporate identity of the group has been conserved for the Étap Santé Prévention logo. The green color in the new Étap Santé Bien-Être logo symbolize the nature and the welfare. Regarding the blue color used for the Étap Santé Paramédical logo, it refers to the medicine and pharmaceuticals.