Creation of the agency, branding, stationery, website

Photographs: Pauline Morand


The name ‘Marie Louise’ was chosen as a reference to the French word for the mount in a painting – in other words, the element linking the frame to the work of art. The name itself is a reference to painting, framing, exhibiting and consequently to graphic design or, more generally, to images.

This name, therefore, refers to the element that acts as an intermediary between the client’s original idea and the realisation of their project. What’s more, it is a name that communicates being the bridge between tradition and modernity. Elegantly old fashioned, French name for the mount, the ‘Marie Louise,’ evokes tradition, which reflects our choice of clients – mostly craftsmen with a keen eye for beautifully handcrafted products and wishing to maintain the human touch. The idea of the mount also opens up onto the future, projecting the client’s idea forward, onto today’s market. Based in Paris, we favour close and personal collaboration with our clients, to build solid and durable relationships and tailor-made, bespoke solutions.

Because of this, we actually feel closer to small businesses as they foster this kind of relationship. A relationship based on mutual trust and dialogue allow us to respond the client’s needs in the best possible way.

It a point of honour for us to respond to the client and help them step by step along the way, showing them that they can count on us at all times for their project

Creative, spontaneous and open minded, relevant, comprehensive and attentive but a few of the words that define us. Humour, adaptability and uniqueness are the valued the we share.


Date: 2013

Type: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Print, Digital, Concept

Collaborators: Pauline Morand, Audrey Bonrepaux

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