Creation of the global identity of the retreat #SOIF2016, School of International Futures.

What is SOIF?

The School of International Futures (SOIF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in the UK but operating around the world. They give policy officials, business leaders, analysts and activists the tools and techniques to become better commissioners and users of strategic foresight. At SOIF retreats and courses, people join a global network of foresight professionals who imagine the future together. They receive advice and insights from world experts who have already used foresight to make a difference in the world, they learn the SOIF Four-stage foresight process and you gain the skills to plan a future of prosperity, security and wellbeing for your organisation.SOIF helps them to think differently – and confidently – about the future.



Type: Art Direction, Print, Digital, Video, Launch, Event

Date: 2016

Website: School of International Futures


1 / Social Media

Creation of different visuals for the #SOIF2016 LiveChallenge

Do you wonder about the future? What it holds? The opportunities and challenges we face? And your place in this future? The School of International Futures (SOIF) makes it its business to get involved in shaping the future. Exploring future trends from geopolitics to technology to social change, understanding how systems behave and how our actions can affect this future.  Every year SOIF sets a ‘Live Challenge’. A real-life challenge faced by an individual, an institution and sometimes a whole country.

This year, the Challenge centers on Iran. A country of great history, geopolitical focus and an uncertain future, the #SOIF2016 Live Challenge will look at implentation of the Sustainable Development Goals in particular. Made up of 5 rounds, the Challenge can be accessed online either by signing up to SOIFSpace or by attending the Facebook Event where each round will be shared.

2 / Booklet SOIF2016

Creation of a 28-page booklet

This booklet was given to the speakers and participants at the retreat SOIF2016.

3 / Hand-drawn check-in board

Creation of a check-in board for the retreat #SOIF2016.

The check-in board ask participants to write down 2 words that described how they felt about the future; and to write down something they would like other participants to ask them about. This provided a physical act of checking in and out and also a way of introducing themselves to other participants.

4 / SOIF Learning Journey diagram

Creation of an One-Page (A5 format) which summarise the four stages of the SOIF Learning Journey. 

SOIF has developed a four-stage process to ensure that their clients as well as new foresight users are aware of the essential components of successful foresight work, so that they can design strategic foresight projects with impact. For foresight to have impact, it needs to be conceived from the outset with the decision-maker, policymaker, or other client of the work in mind. SOIF’s four stages – Scoping, Ordering, Implications and Integrating Futures – lead them through the steps necessary to achieve this goal. During the course of their week with SOIF, participants will embark on a “learning journey” through these four stages. The shape, stages and steps on this journey are set out graphically below. Participants will also learn and practise a number of tools during the week. These tools are indicated in the programme by icons next to the session in which the tool will be used.

“Sophie took on a challenging brief from SOIF, and to a tight deadline produced a set of sparkling products that expressed the identity and aspiration of our organisation in an elegant and highly readable way. She was ready to adapt her ideas to ensure that they met our practical needs, but held firm to creative principles that have benefited the evolution of our brand.”

Alun Rhydderch

Co-founder, School of International Futures

5 / Photographs taken at the retreat 2016