Creation of a newspaper for Summerlee School of English


The Summerlee Times est un journal qui est utilise comme outil educatif et comme moyen d’informer les etudiants sur les evenements passes et prochains. 



  • Recherches
  • Presentation et realisation de la mise en page
  • Réalisation du fil de fer du journal avec les différentes thématiques
  • Rédaction d’articles dans la thématique Culture
  • Réalisation de photographies lors des différents évènements
  • Reception de tous les articles des étudiants
  • Correction des articles avec la directrice de l’école
  • Mise en page du journal
  • Dernières corrections
  • Préparation du fichier et envoi


Client: Summerlee School, UK

Date: 2014

Type: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Edition, Print, Photography

Format: Tabloid – 24 pages

Website: Summerlee School

Social Media: Facebook

“Our school needed a tool to engage students, update them on the latest news and at the same time advertise the many activities we do. After a brainstorming session, the initial idea of a newsletter developed into something much more fun and creative, and educational – an in-house newspaper to which students could contribute. I was astonished with what Sophie came up with. She showed the highest degree of professionalism, from planning to choosing an amazing team, galvanising everyone and managing everything almost single-handedly, on a small budget and with a tight deadline. The newspaper was a huge success, and I couldn’t have been happier with what we achieved.” Sara Captain

Director of Studies, Summerlee School of English